Online Automotive Education – Briefly Defining the 4 Strokes of the Internal Combustion Engine

Online Automotive Education – Briefly Defining the 4 Strokes of the Internal Combustion Engine

The internal combustion engine was invented in 1890 by Wilhelm Maybach. This was a 4 cylinder, four stroke engine. Many vehicles of today are using his basic design. Major engine improvements have taken mold, as the internal combustion engine has evolved.

The basic operation of your auto engine is four to eight pistons are violently manipulated by an explosion of an Air/Fuel mixture careening the piston and connecting rod; moving the crankshaft, creating rotary inertia (circular motion). Universitas Swasta di Bandung These circular movements are then converted into kinetic inertia (forward movement) through the transmission and power-train. I will now explain the 4 strokes of the internal combustion engine, read more.

Stroke 1: The Intake Stroke – Air and fuel are drawn into the combustion chamber with the intake valve open. At this time the exhaust valve is closed.

Stroke 2: Compression Stroke – Both valves being closed the fuel mixture that was drawn in from stroke 1 will be compressed. Preparing the air and fuel to be ignited.

Stroke 3: The Power Stroke – At the beginning of this stroke the ignition device or “spark plug” will be given generated electricity. Konseling Online This event may be equivalent to a grenade exploding inside the cylinder.

Stroke 4: Exhaust Stroke – The final stroke of the internal combustion engine. At the end of the power stroke the exhaust valve will open evacuating the cylinder as the pistons push the gases through the tail pipe.

The automotive internal combustion engine has driven automobiles since it was invented. These engines will continue to drive our autos into the future, as its efficiency has evolved. For more more education on automotive operation

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